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Snowboarding Holidays

Snowboarding Holidays with Ski Vertigo

Child Passengers (11 years and younger)
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Flight-Inclusive Ski Chalet Holidays

British Airways and Jet2 flights & coach transfers included

Charming Catered Ski Chalets

Outstanding service; 3 course meals with wine & breakfast included

Snow-Sure & High Ski Resorts

Tignes, Val Thorens, Val d’Isere & Reberty 2000 (Three Valleys)

Hit the Slopes with our Snowboard Holidays

When it comes to snowsports, skiing really does take the top spot. After all, it’s been around the longest and has had an entire culture and holiday lifestyle built around it. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only great snow-sport out there. Snowboarding is (almost) celebrating its centennial year – the first ride was 1929! And we love snowboarders just as much as skiers! 🏂


We operate in very high snow-sure ski resorts, popular with snowboarders of all abilities, but in general they suit experienced snowboarders. You’ll likely prefer snowboarding if you’re a skateboarder or surfer, but even if you’ve never done either of those activities, you can pick up snowboarding in no time.

There’s a saying in the snowsport world that skiing is easier to learn but harder to perfect and that snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to perfect. Basically, once you’ve got the basics down, it’s plain sailing from there – or should we say plain snowboarding.


So, how about some snowboarding holidays this winter?

How Do Snowboard Holidays Work?

Much like ski holidays, we offer snowboarding holidays as a package holiday. That means all your flights, transfers, accommodation, and catering are included in the holiday price. We think this is the best way to take a snowboard holiday. After all, why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

So, for a Ski Vertigo snowboard holiday, you’ll need to decide on three things:

  • The dates you’d like to go,
  • The resort you’d like to visit, and
  • The chalet you’d like to stay in.

When you’ve got those answers, give us a call and we can help you to sort the rest. For example, we can purchase your lift passes ahead of time so you won’t have to wait around when you get to your resort. If you need lessons, we can help book those for you.

Singles ski holidays in Val Thorens, Singles ski holidays in Tignes
family skiing and snowboarding

Snowboarding Holidays for Beginners

Snowboarding is harder to pick up than skiing. But it looks cooler.

If you’ve never snowboarded before, the biggest challenge you’ll face is definitely learning how to navigate yourself as one unit instead of having the comfort of two independent legs, as in skiing. Luckily, all of that is in your head. That means the biggest challenge you’ll face is psychological.

Besides, the tricks and techniques you can do on a snowboard are so cool you’ll be addicted before you know it! Which leads us nicely to our next point: the snowparks!

Grab Your Board & Head to the Snowpark!

Snowparks are, by far and away, one of the coolest parts of choosing a snowboard holiday. While you can use the snowparks with skis, it’s much more common to see snowboarders there.

Snowparks are very similar to skateparks in the sense that it’s an area with a collection of rails, halfpipes, and jumps. It’s a place where you can learn, practice, and perfect new skills and tricks, and they’re known for their great atmosphere with the music playing and rich with encouragement.

While it might take a little while to get confident on your board, the moment you find yourself at a snowpark is the moment you fall in love with the sport! In fact, if we’re talking about challenges, one of the biggest ones might be the choice you need to make for your next winter holiday: to ski or to snowboard?

We have no doubt that you’ll love a snowboard holiday as much as we do. It’s a completely different vibe to a ski holiday. You’ll ride the mountains in a way you haven’t before, and you’ll fall in love with a whole new sport. And if you’ve snowboarded before, getting back out there in the powder will feel like coming home.

Snowboarder ski holiday
A group of snowboarders getting off a ski lift

Tignes Snowboarding Holidays

Whether you’re thinking of bringing a big group of friends with you, (trying) to teach your kids, or even taking a solo snowboarding holiday, Ski Vertigo snowboarding holidays are a great choice. We’ve found that Tignes is the most popular resort for snowboarding holidays – probably due to the amazing off-piste options! 

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